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Zearing was founded in October of 1881 and is located on Highway 65 in central Iowa. This inviting country town is home to just over 600 people and is part of the Colo-NESCO Community School District. Although small, Zearing offers many services to the area ranging from agricultural to video rental and construction to nursing home care.

The annual Zearing Days Celebration is held the final weekend in July. Visit the Zearing website to find out more about this friendly Iowa community.

Products and services available in Zearing from Minerva Valley Telephone and Cablevision:

  • Local Telephone Service
  • Long Distance Telephone Service
  • Dial Up Internet
  • DSL Internet
  • Calling Features
  • Basic Cable TV (available only within the city limits)
  • Digital Cable TV (available only within the city limits)
  • Bundles and Plans